7121 Pioneer's Blvd.
Lincoln NE
Phone: (402) 420-3040
  Works with us part-time, and she also works for the University. Married to Bill and they have 4 children.
  Is my mother and has worked part-time for us many years. She is a great presence at Rachel's. Not everyone gets to work with there mother.
  It is great fun!!
  Works part-time and has been with Rachel's for 8 years.
Married to Skip and they have a daughter and son inlaw and 2 grandchildren.

Cherie - Store owner
  I had worked at Ben Simon's for 24 years, and had the oportunity to help open and manage Rachel's Boutique in 2001.  I have worked in retail since I was 15 years old, and I had gotten my degree in Fashion Merchandising. Add that with my Love to meet and assist customers, Brent and I decided to purchase Rachel's Boutique from Peggy and Glen Evert in 2006. We go to market 4-5 times a year to find new and interesting ideas for the boutique. We also have 2 daughters & son inlaws and 5 grandchildren.
  Has worked in retail most of her life.  Married to Terry and has 2 sons and daughter in laws and 4 grandchildren. We have worked together for 20 some years and now we enjoy working together at the boutique.